My Winter Escape

Posted on 20 February 2024

As some of you may have seen, I was in Asia for the first two weeks of February getting some very much needed winter sun but it was also quite a nostalgic trip so I thought I would share it here 💛

First stop was Hong Kong. As many of you won't know, I spent the first 6 years of my life in Hong Kong, moving there when I was 4 months old. Although my actual memory is limited, there are lots of family pictures and family memories we chat about so it has been somewhere I have wanted to go back to ever since we left to piece it all together and 24 years later it's happened!

Luckily, I have a very good school friend living out there so we were able to stay with him and he was an excellent tour guide! We only had 3 days there, so there was no time for jet lag, and straight into the hustle and bustle.

Day one, a HK hike along the Dragon's Back and coincidentally the view the whole way was looking out to where we used to live! Followed by a very cold(!) swim in Shek O and the most delicious food - look at that Pad Thai in an egg net!!


collage of holiday pictures


Day two, hunt the house and we found it. I think the guard was very confused about who we were but let us in anyway. We got some terrible pictures but it was mission accomplished.


collage of photos

Then working our way round the island on public transport. We became big fans of the tram - especially when a journey costs you 30p!
 collage of photos
Final day was a trip up the Peak. I highly recommend going up at night. The view was amazing, looking over the city all lit up. It was much better in real life so don't let my pictures put you off!

 the peak hong kong

The rest of our time was spent eating the most delicious food which there is no evidence of as it was always demolished before even a thought of taking a picture crossed my mind.  

Next stop, The Philippines, part one. A major part of the whole trip was to go to The Philippines to visit our amazing nanny who looked after us in Hong Kong and then moved back to the UK with us. She was such a massive part of our family, but sadly we grew up and her life moved forward, moving to America, getting married and having children of her own and before we knew it, it had been 20 years since we had seen her! It was quite the reunion, a lot of tears but it was such a magical experience to be reunited and to catch up on all the years gone by.

 Family photos


A lot more tears on the goodbye but we had one final stop on the trip. El Nido. And boy did we travel in style, from our little jet to our carriage awaiting us...


plane to car images
We spent a week here and where we got some proper R&R and some time to work on the tan.
 beach images - nacpan beach philippines


It is such a beautiful place. We were staying a short walk into the town which was great so spent each evening eating at a different restaurants and our days were spent exploring the beaches. Our favourite beach was Nacpan beach, about a 40 minute journey by tricyle from El Nido town, so we ended up spending several days there.

Other highlights were kayaking, becoming basic beer b****es, dobble, tanning, painting, chatting, sunset watching...the list goes on. Take me back 🙏

holiday pictures


And it can't go without saying, DR products made the perfect travel companions! Used everyday from the beach to the evenings out and big shout out to my sister who was snapped and papped the whole way through without a complaint!


holiday pictures


Now onto dreaming up the next escape...

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