One Pair Of Shoes, Three Days Away

Posted on 14 May 2024

I have recently done two long weekends away and have to say I am getting pretty good at travelling with just a handbag so I thought I would share some of my tips.

My most recent trip was to Alicante for work. It was a successful trip and I am super excited to share more soon but first, let's get to how I packed for the trip.

My first tip is to try and limit taking anything bulky or if you need bulky stuff, wear this on the plane. For me the bulkiest stuff are usually my shoes so I take one pair that go with everything and also wear them to travel to so they take up zero space. For this trip I chose the Luna's in Ivory as they are smart enough to wear to meetings, comfy enough walking around towns but also work perfectly for the beach. 

Take a look HERE to see some of my looks with them.


dida ritchie reel cover


When it comes to the clothes, you need to opt for clothes you can mix and match or are light to take. I usually travel in jeans then you can take a couple of different tops to change the look. A dress you can wear in the day and then accessories for night is always a great option too.

Then, decant your makeup bag/toiletries you want to take into bags you can use for the evenings. I use our clutch bags in a couple of different colours which is perfect for this. 

And plan plan plan. It is easier than you think and most the time you don't wear everything you take anyway!


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