A Metallic Moment

Posted on 09 August 2023

Collage of dresses


Summer is here and as it feels like it has just begun(!), it should be here to stay a while! So, to honour the sunshine, we have rounded up some of our favourite summer dresses, all of which look fab with our Metallic Luna's.

When designing the shoes, first and foremost we wanted to make the comfiest espadrilles we could but we also wanted them to look stylish so you can get as much wear out of them as possible. They go with a multitude of outfits, and the best part is that no-one comments on the fact you wear the same shoes with every outfit (unlike if you wore the same dress everywhere), so you can definitely get away with wearing them everyday! That said, they still are an integral part to making a whole look work so it is still key they look good!

See below for ideas on how we would be styling each dress and where you can find them - and the shoes of course!


3.  Zara Linen Blend Cargo Dress

Shoes ~  Dida Ritchie Metallic Luna's


6.  Pink City Prints Maggie Dress

Shoes ~  Dida Ritchie Metallic Luna's


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